Test Your Memory!!


What memories come to mind when you see the following?

Most of the photos in this section were provided by Carol Proctor Guy.  

Carol is a tremendous resource for Lawrence history and photos.  

She is a major contributor to the Facebook site

“You know you’re from Lawrence if.....”.

Check it out.

The Dine-A-Mite

The TeePee

Drag Stip Road

The Tan Man...or...’ManTan’

Leo Beuerman


Joe’s Bakery

The Castle Tea Room

Allen’s Drive In

(where the “cool” people backed in)

Sandy's Drive-In

Griff’s Burger Bar

Château Drive Inn

(between 18 and 19th on Mass St)

A & W Root Beer

(north of Jayhawk Plunge)

Happy Hals Café

Big Buy Drive In

The Southern Pit

The Jayhawk Plunge

Dickinson/Jayhawker Theater

Pattee Theater

Granada Theater

Lawrence Drive-In Theater

Sunset Drive-In Theater


Raney Drug Store

Round Corner Drugs

Jennings Daylight Donuts


(for bakes)


The WREN Building

Kress Dime Store

The Community Building

Carnegie Library

George’s Pipe Shop

The Old Windmill

The Jet

in Centennial Park

The Locomotive

in Central Park

The Bandstand

in North Park

Kay’s Pharmacy

(across from Central Junior High)

The Shunganunga Boulder

Driving The “Square”

Blevins Bike Shop

The Campanille

Municipal Ballpark

11th and Delaware

The Chuck Wagon

Mont Bleu

(The Ski Place)

Mike Finnigan & The Serfs


Lawrence Memorial Hospital


We’re still looking for photos of the following.   If you have one please send it along.   Otherwise, enjoy the memories that come to mind.

Varsity Theater

King's Resturant

(with telephones in the booths)

Super slide on 6th Street

The Brewery

The Sanctuary

The Stables

The Big Barn

Green Gables

The Flamingo

(aka...The Bird)

Campus Hideaway

The baseball field in South Park

Rusty’s Food Store

Kuhn Truck and Tractor

The Roller Rink

Paladium Bowling

Owens Flower Shop


Mott's Stables

Charlton Insurance


(in old Jayhawker Theater)

Bigby’s Pool Hall

Golden Cue

(east of Allens Drive In)

Burgert’s Shoe Repair

Patti Shoe Repair

Charlie’s Barber Shop

Dixon’s Drive In

Purple Pig

(Free Beer Tomorrow!)

Earl’s Pizza

(home of the square slice)

Vern Miller

(who vowed to land on the slopes of Lawrence with both feet)

Yuk Up/Yuk Down


Dari King

Margaret’s Café

(west of Allens Drive In)

Blue Hills Driving Range

& Miniature Golf

The Bierstube

The Hawk’s Nest

Michigan Street Barbecue

Norwegian Wood

(Buddy Straight's old place.)

Squeezer's Palace

Shakey's Pizza with silent movies

The Shanty

The Catacombs

Green Pepper Pizza on 23rd (originally on 9th by Joe's)

Moonlight Madness

(on Thursday evenings downtown)

The Tuxedo Man

The Marijuana Man

Louise's West

Mr. Bill's

Paddy Murphy's